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Most Businesses Totally Unprepared for Mobile Attacks

April 13, 2017

By: Sikur

By US/North America News Reporter, Infosecurity Magazine

Mobile devices represent a gaping hole in the cybersecurity armor of most businesses, because they simply aren’t preparing for mobile breaches.

A research report from Dimensional Research sponsored by Check Point finds that IT pros are generally unprepared for mobile compromise, with nearly two-thirds (64%) of enterprise security professionals doubting their organizations can prevent a breach to employees’ devices.

Already, 20% of businesses have experienced a mobile breach, while 24% don’t know or can’t tell whether they’ve had one. Plus, more than 20% of the participants saying a mobile breach could cost a company more than $500,000, while a majority (94%) of those polled indicated that they expect the frequency and sophistication of mobile cyberattacks to grow.

Yet, businesses fail to allocate appropriate resources to protect against mobile attacks, despite the fact that more than half of respondents (51%) believe that the risk of data loss is equal to or greater than PCs, and potentially just as costly.


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