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The future of cybersecurity – Analytics and automation are the next frontier

September 4, 2017

By: Sikur


Cyber threats are growing in number and strength and the future of cybersecurity is looking ever more complex and challenging. Organizations are therefore turning to analytics and automation to aid cyber specialists in their job.

While cybersecurity can be a complex and challenging field, some aspects of it are all too clear. The number of threats to large organizations is growing rapidly, as is the number of bad actors who create them and the number of systems at risk from cyberattacks. Statista, a statistics portal, estimates that there are 22.9 billion connected devices in 2016, and predicts they will grow to 50 billion by 2020.1 The Internet of Things (IoT) will create massive needs and problems for cybersecurity as millions of devices come online. Data breaches are increasing, according to one report, by 85 percent a year, and in 2016, half a billion personal records were stolen or lost.2 How can organizations possibly keep up with such a scary growth trajectory?

In other domains of business that are subject to massive numbers of entities, a typical approach is to employ analytics and automation. These tools identify the most important events and entities. In customer analytics, for example, the normal approach is to segment customers by their value, focus on the most important ones, and predict what those customers are likely to buy. Automated offers can be customized to each customer’s preferences.


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