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Just one day after its release, iOS 11.1 hacked by security researchers

November 3, 2017

By: Sikur


By Zack Whittaker | 

A day after iOS 11.1 was released, security researchers have already broken the software.

News of the exploits came from Trend Micro’s Mobile Pwn2Own contest in Tokyo, where security researchers found two vulnerabilities in Safari, the mobile operating system’s browser.

It took researchers at Tencent Keen Security Lab a few seconds to exploit two bugs — one in the browser and one in a system service that let a malicious app persist through a reboot.

Another bug in Safari let researchers break the browser’s sandbox and execute malicious code.

The bugs earned the researchers $70,000 in awards.

But specific details of the exploits won’t be made public until Apple fixes the bugs, or a three-month period of responsible disclosure expires — whichever is first.



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