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April 2018 Cyber Attacks Timeline

June 4, 2018

By: Paolo Passeri

As always, let’s start from the Daily Trend of Attacks chart, which shows a clear increase in the number of events in the second half of the month.

Cyber Crime ranks steadily on top of the Motivations Behind Attacks, increasingly its percentage to 80.8% from 76.5% in March. Cyber Espionage slides to 11.1% from 19.4%. For the first time in 2018, hacktivism takes over cyber warfare. The events mostly in Italy lead its percentage to 5.1 from 1%. Cyber warfare closes the chart with 3% confirming the same value of April.

Malware is stable on top of the Attack Vectors chart with 27.3% (it was 39.8% in March). Account Hijackings are also stable at number two with 17.2% (it was 18.4% in March), and, again, targeted attacks confirm their third place with 14.1%.


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