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    Sikur has been selected for participating on Euronext's pre-IPO educational training programme that helps Tech entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with capital markets.

    This way, in 2021 we will have an opportunity to learn and grow side by side with companies and leaders across industries and increase our impact in the cybersecurity and tech world. We are excited!

    About Sikur

    Ícone segurança

    We are a software company that helps to carry data, credentials, information, and transactions in the most secure way possible. Sikur aims a "new security mindset".

    Ícone criptografia

    We develop solutions protected by military grade encryption created through proprietary R&D (research and development). Our technology was audited by Hackerone and showcased in Gartner´s global reports.

    Ícone ecologia

    We are defining the future of secure communication, operating globally, through our offices and distributors in Brazil, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan.


    TechShare opens the doors of financial markets. With the support of 75 partners from the financial industry, TechShare has already trained more than 400 Tech companies.
    And Sikur is now part of this big project!

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