2018 Data Breaches: The List No One Wanted To Make

So far this year (and there’s still one more day), Verizon reported that there have been 2,216 confirmed data breaches across 65 countries. Even more disturbing, perhaps, is that 68 percent of those breaches took months for the breached companies to discover. If that’s not disturbing enough, 28 percent of those incidents were perpetuated by insiders. More than half of those breaches by outsiders were done by members of organized crime.

According to the report, cybercrime touched nearly every sector throughout 2018, including those that may seem less obvious, like education or manufacturing — and for one obvious reason: the money. There were a few noteworthy headliners. For example, MarriottFacebook and a database marketing firm by the name of Exactis exposed the records of roughly 300 million people. So, as we turn the page to 2019, a year that will no doubt see more of the same, here’s another look at those that made The Best Of The Worst Things To Happen In 2018 list.


Facebook’s 2018 regarding the stewardship of user data and privacy was one it would like to soon forget. The most eye-catching — and headline-generating — of those lapses was the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw the data of 87 million Facebook users end up in the hands of a political consultancy.

That incident, however, is not why Facebook makes this list. While the intricacies of how exactly Cambridge Analytica gathered the data are still somewhat contested, no one is disputing that it got access to customer data that it wasn’t supposed to have.

Facebook makes this list due to its late-September revelation that roughly 50 million of its users had their data exposed through an attack on its network. The social media giant found that attackers were able to take control of user accounts through a function within the platform’s code, according to reports. In the aftermath of the breach, about 90 million Facebook users had to log out while Facebook fixed the vulnerability and consulted the authorities.

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