Anonymous launches ‘Free Catalonia’ cyber attacks on Spanish government



Oct 26, 2017

The online activist network announced it was launching “Operation Catalonia” after taking down a number of state-owned websites in recent weeks.

The latest cyber attack took place on Tuesday night, when the Royal House website was taken down by hacktivists.

That follows the website of the Constitutional Court – which ruled Catalonia’s October 1 referendum illegal – crashing due to an Anonymous-led DoS attack.

The website for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport was also hacked to display a “Free Catalonia” banner.

A number of Twitter accounts claiming to be part of the Anonymous network have warned of future attacks on Spanish government websites, which has been criticised for its violent response to the ballot.

According to another Anonymous account, the Spanish police, who were filmed brutally attacking Catalans with batons and pepper spray, will be attacked shortly.

Anonymous had previously stated its support fro the Catalonian referendum in a video posted on YouTube shortly before the vote took place.


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