Buggy Microsoft Outlook Sending Encrypted S/MIME Emails With Plaintext Copy For Months

By Swati Khandelwal


Beware, If you are using S/MIME protocol over Microsoft Outlook to encrypt your email communication, you need to watch out.

From at least last 6 months, your messages were being sent in both encrypted and unencrypted forms, exposing all your secret and sensitive communications to potential eavesdroppers.

S/MIME, or Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, is an end-to-end encryption protocol—based on public-key cryptography and works just like SSL connections—that enables users to send digitally signed and encrypted messages.

According to a security advisory published by SEC Consult earlier this week, a severe bug (CVE-2017-11776) in Microsoft Outlook email client causes S/MIME encrypted emails to be sent with their unencrypted versions attached.

When Outlook users make use of S/MIME to encrypt their messages and format their emails as plain text, the vulnerability allows the seemingly encrypted emails to be sent in both encrypted as well as human-readable clear text forms, the researchers explain.

MORE: https://thehackernews.com/2017/10/outlook-email-encryption.html

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