Cyber Attacks in the Automotive Industry – Sales Approach

The purpose of this document is to support the Sikur Sales team when approaching the Automotive market. As Sikur is getting more aware of specific threats in the most diverse markets, and doing its homework to serve them well, there are different ways to mitigate risks related to the communication for this Industry.

No organization can perform tasks without communicating, and in the digital era, mobile devices are the way to go. Desktop and laptop should not be left behind, as it still prevails, but the mobile wave is massive and should grow in the years to come.

Mais do que uma solução tecnológica, somos uma decisão estratégica para as organizações.

Nossa missão é redefinir a relação das empresas com a cibersegurança e a experiência dos usuários no processo de autenticação e acesso a ativos tecnológicos.