Employees Willing to Leak and Sell Corporate Access


Almost a third of European employees have sent unauthorized information to a third party.

According to research of 4000 people in Europe, 29% of respondents have “purposefully” sent information out of their company, while 15% have taken “business critical information with them from one job to another”. Over half (59%) planned to use it in their next job.

Neil Thacker, deputy CISO at Forcepoint, said that the choice to steal information is about responsibility and accountability from a cultural perspective. “Once [an employee] leaves, their loyalty has gone and when loyalty is gone, we do see an essence of data leakage and storing.”

The research also found that 14% of respondents would sell corporate log-ins to an outsider, and 40% of those would do so for less than £200. Perhaps this is because 22% either do not believe data breaches incur a cost to their employers, or were unsure whether they would.

MORE: https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/employees-willing-leak-sell/


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