Hackers Have Gone Automated – So Should Your Cybersecurity Defense

Recently, a study, conducted by security firm Cybereason, revealed that cybercriminals are now using automation to do their crime.

A fake server known as a honeypot was used to log everything done to it by hackers. When it was put online, it was quickly found and hijacked in a matter of seconds by a bot that was able to break through its digital defenses.

According to Ross Rustici, Cybereason’s head of intelligence services, “The bot did all the hard work.” Rustici added, “It shows how lazy hackers have become.”

When people talk about hackers many years ago, they imagined a person or a group of individuals sitting in front of laptops typing malicious code. Attacks were perpetrated by humans with programming knowledge.

Today, as technology advances, going through day-to-day activities has become easier for ordinary individuals. It follows, therefore, that even cybercriminals will come up with methods that will make it easier for them to obtain sensitive data that they can use or sell.

In Cybereason’s study, the bot found the server after being online for only two hours. It then started taking over the server aggressively. Passwords created for protecting some of the server’s functions were intentionally weak. As expected, the bot cracked the passwords and stole the fake information on the server. It took only up to 15 seconds for the bot to completely own the network, siphoning 3GB of data.

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Mais do que uma solução tecnológica, somos uma decisão estratégica para as organizações.

Nossa missão é redefinir a relação das empresas com a cibersegurança e a experiência dos usuários no processo de autenticação e acesso a ativos tecnológicos.