Hackers publish school district’s student data after threatening to ‘kill some kids’


David Bisson

October 8, 2017

Hackers published the student directory of an Iowa school district online after they threatened to “kill some kids” at local schools.

The trouble began on the evening of 2 October when parents living within the boundaries of Johnston Community School District received some troubling text messages from an unknown number. One chain of messages talked about the innocence of the recipient’s 4-year-old son and then urged them to not have anyone look outside. The message ended with an ominous warning: “I’m only getting started.”

Other messages were much more overtly violent in nature, with some threatening harm against local school kids.

Not surprisingly, many parents called the police. Local law enforcement received dozens of reports along those same lines that night. Not wanting to risk the safety of her students, Johnston Schools Superintendent Corey Lunn decided to close all schools the following day.

MORE: https://www.grahamcluley.com/hackers-school-student-data/

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