Mike Pence’s Cybersecurity Speech (Annotated)

The vice president delivered a fiery campaign-style cybersecurity speech at a Homeland Security cyber conference Tuesday. Here’s an explainer.

Vice President Mike Pence closed out the Homeland Security Department’s cybersecurity conference in New York Tuesday with a campaign-style barn burner that made some big claims about the Trump administration’s cyber successes.

Pence’s address, which marked the highest profile executive branch cybersecurity speech since the Trump team took office, also savaged the Obama administration for “let[ting] the American people down when it came to cyber defense” and “all but neglect[ing] cybersecurity.”

In some cases, Pence gave a fair reading of the digital threat facing the nation and what the Trump team is doing about it. In other cases, the vice president shaded the truth or took credit for work that was already underway when Trump took office.

To explain that shading and provide context, Nextgov annotated Pence’s speech below. The text is taken from the official White House transcript. Let us know if we missed anything on email or Twitter.

THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you, Secretary Nielsen.  And thank you for that kind introduction and for your leadership at the Department of Homeland Security.  Would you all join me in thanking Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for her leadership and for bringing together this historic summit today?

More: https://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2018/08/mike-pences-cybersecurity-speech-annotated/150257/

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