New Malware Lets Attackers Encrypt ‘Hand-Picked’ Systems & Files

handpickedBy Michael Hill

Date: 30.03.2017

A new type of ransomware dubbed WYSIWYE (What You See Is What You Encrypt) has been detected by researchers at PandaLabs.

As explained in a post on the firm’s website, the standard ransomware technique cyber-crooks employ is to gain access to a computer and then imply execute the corresponding malware automatically to start encryption and ultimately display the ransom message.

However, in an analysis of a recent intrusion, PandaLabs discovered a more personalized type of malware generator which allows attackers “the chance to customize the malware using a user-friendly interface prior to launching it. Making it even easier for those with little technical knowledge to target companies.”


Mais do que uma solução tecnológica, somos uma decisão estratégica para as organizações.

Nossa missão é redefinir a relação das empresas com a cibersegurança e a experiência dos usuários no processo de autenticação e acesso a ativos tecnológicos.