Scammers Hijacking Cellphone Accounts, Racking Up Big Bills In Victim’s Name


by David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Scammers are at it again.

This time, hijacking people’s cellphone accounts, leaving your phone with no service while they get new phones on your dime.

“I was on the phone, and suddenly my phone cut out,” said Lorrie Cranor, of Squirrel Hill.

Then, she learned her husband’s phone also quit working.

“So, I called my phone carrier and said: ‘What’s going on here?’” said Cranor. “I said my two phones have stopped working, and they said, “Oh, your two new iPhones?’ And I said, ‘No, no, my two old Android phones.’”

She was told to go to a store to straighten it out.

“The person there said somebody has hijacked your account,” said Cranor.

Eventually, she learned someone with a fake ID with Cranor’s name on it, but the thief’s photo, went to a store in Ohio and asked for an upgrade. They walked out with two new iPhones assigned to Cranor’s number and charged to her account.


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