Sikur MWC2019 – Press Release (EN)

26/02/2019 Barcelona – Mobile World Congress

Sikur Announce Ultra-Secure Banking Platform & Trading Station
SIKURPhone creators launch digital banking platform, SIKUR Bank
Will be available as white labelled product for mobile carriers
Financial transaction ecosystem ‘Trading Station’ also launched SIKURBank

After delivering a secure smartphone with a fully functional cryptocurrency  wallet, secure communications experts Sikur are launching SIKUR Bank, a new ultra-secure banking platform, at Mobile World Congress 2019, built for mobile carriers.

“Our ambition is to be more than just a digital bank. We want to protect users from the weaknesses of payment apps. Sikur’s operating system (SikurOS) and Sikur’s App Store safeguard critical data exchange from attacks at all times”, says Alexandre Vasconcelos, Sikur’s COO.

SIKUR Bank is a partnership between Sikur and Brazilian FinTech company LogBank. The full service will be available from Sikur as a white label product. The platform is fully compliant with FinTech regulations and combines acquiring, subacquiring, capture and digital bank components. This collaboration makes the high security Trading Station (see below) concept and everyday banking a reality.

“People want safety without sacrificing usability. Sikur’s Trading Station delivers premium security and matches the usability of any other operating system or digital banking app. We are providing a market-ready, white labelled, fully integrated, flexible, secure solution. It’s the best offering out there”, says Fabio Fischer, Sikur’s Executive VP.

“LogBank boasts a complete digital banking service. With Sikur, we were able to improve endpoint security to the level that the global market demands”, says Luiz Gustavo Dutra, LogBank’s CEO and Founder.

Over the past few years there have been several high profile point-of-sale data breaches including British Airways, Ticketmaster and, more recently, US restaurant chain Huddle House.


Alongside SIKUR bank, Sikur is launching the Trading Station. This is a financial transaction ecosystem within SIKURPhone, the world’s most secure smartphone.

“At Mobile World Congress 2018, we delivered a smartphone with a secure operating system (SikurOS), with in-built cryptowallet. We set the bar high, but we knew we could go further”, says Cristiano Iop, Sikur’s CEO.

“Access to tech is paving the way for new payment methods. Consumers are switching from cards to mobile banking. This enables service providers to reinvent the way in which they work. Whilst this creates opportunity, these systems also present dangers if they are not implemented properly. Sikur’s Trading Station solves these security issues”, says Fabio Fischer, Sikur’s Executive VP.

Sikur’s research has discovered common problems that different businesses face when it comes to technological security. For example, industries such as healthcare, telecoms, finance, retail, and other sectors that require regulatory compliance, suffer from a lack of security on mobile devices. This creates vulnerability and increases the chances of incurring losses.

“Our Trading Station is in keeping with market demands and is an innovative way of delivering security to the end user. It’s a fundamental requirement of modern business. The payment system is multi-currency, multi-language and can be implemented by companies of all sizes”, says Alexandre Vasconcelos, Sikur’s COO.

Sikur can turn any organizations’s user base into a fortified mPOS (mobile Point of Sale). This transforms it in to a digital banking platform and provides an array of corporate financial services for accounts of all sizes.

About Sikur

Sikur is defining the future of secure communications. With global operations and offices in Latin America, the United States, and Europe. Sikur works closely with governments and corporations who believe that security is crucial to the integrity of their businesses. We understand that security is not only about platforms and digital systems, but a mindset that involves all aspects of business.


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