The future on Web Summit 2019: What’s next?

The big question that arises today is: how to ensure that messages, chats, phone calls and document flow are securely and privately placed on devices and telecom infrastructure?

The world has gone mobile and not only to communication apps, but also to a multitude of other new applications that require end-to-end security, in special the fast-growing IoT market (where communication is Machine-to-Machine, requiring an absolutely new security approach).

Four are the integrated needs to ensure secure communication in this scenario:
1) Cloud / Data Center (the central point)
2) Devices (the end-point)
3) Network (the connection infrastructure, mobile or not)
4) Apps (the processes running on the 3 above)

Each one has specific protocols, routines and technologies to ensure data protection. Failing in any one of them is the same as having no security at all. That´s because attacks occur at the weakest point and will corrode the entire communication chain.

Another important achievement is that to implement non-proprietary solutions undermine the concept of corporate and government sovereignty and independence.

The solution we´ve found to address these challenges was to tunnel Cloud, Apps, Network and endpoint, ensuring end-to-end encryption, even within the Cloud infrastructure. Going further, our solution can be white label (Customer Brand) in private cloud (on premises or inside the client´s public cloud).

In this way, we make available to the market a production line of secure private micro-network. The market trend has been presenting itself in this way, but the structuring costs of this micro-network are unfeasible on a timely and costs basis by customers.

Sikur has produced this platform suite.

Sikur makes it available, on demand, to its global customers, in their own networks and under their own brands.

This is what we call the State of Sovereignty: a powerful communication tool, 100% controlled by the client, ensuring documents, information and transaction flow secure anywhere, providing privacy without losing the mandatory feature of global mobility.

By Fabio Fischer

Mais do que uma solução tecnológica, somos uma decisão estratégica para as organizações.

Nossa missão é redefinir a relação das empresas com a cibersegurança e a experiência dos usuários no processo de autenticação e acesso a ativos tecnológicos.