What are file-less cyber attacks and how do you protect against them




Businesses and internet users are finally becoming more aware of the danger of cyber attacks. They’ve started to boost their defending techniques, leaving hackers with fewer options to carry out their malicious deeds.

However, exploiting a vulnerability is just a matter of techniques and available resources; so a good detection is all that decides the time span a hacker could stay inside a network. This is extremely important because there’s a new hacking technique on the rise, called “file-less cyber attacks”.

This new attacking technique could bypass antivirus software and corporate firewalls without being detected. The new breed of attacks can be especially damaging because it accesses the corporate networks without any malware inside its programming.   

A malicious hacker could therefore gain access to your system with relative ease, by invading weak software and infiltrating the source code. Once the hacker enters your system, he/she can embed code which could destruct, acquire, or demolish important data without leaving a trace. The hacker could, for example, control operating system tools such as WindowsManagement Instrumental or PowerShell.

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