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Sikur Lab is the brand new Sikur innovation and research laboratory located in the Business Pole, 1047, Route des Dolines, Sophia Antipolis Science Park, France. Sikur is now a member of the Digital Security sector at Sophia Antipolis SCS Cluster (Secure Communicating Solutions), which is a Leading European Ecosystem in microelectronics, internet of things, digital security, artificial intelligence and big data.

SCS Cluster

Sophia Antipolis Science Park

More about Sophia Antipolis and Côte D´Azur
Côte D´Azur, Nice, France

We established our research lab in this location because it is a fast growing hub in advanced technologies. Now digitalization is the core for everything related to human development, and France is occupying a central role as we have noticed in the last few years. This is happening in parallel with Sikur´s development as a company, and we want to take part on this, at the same quick pace.

Our R&D key points to choose France, and Sophia Antipolis in particular, were:

France has a central geopolitical position in Europe and in the globe, what is very helpful for trading technological goods.
Has a long and established tradition on intelligence services, ranging from education and philosophy to aircraft and automation, what we understand as fundamental when developing cutting-edge products – what we mean is that high-technology flourish in the centre of creative industries.
In Sophia-Antipolis, where we choose to setup our Sikur Lab, plenty of universities, research centres, software and hardware companies are thriving together, and this will help us to have high level relationships and partnerships.
Besides these technical aspects, we do believe that outstanding talented people really like to live in outstanding places – this is a perfect combination – and the region all around Sophia Antipolis and Côte D´Azur (French Riviera) perfectly fits this concept.

The Sikur Lab main lines of research are IoT Security and Quantum Cryptography:

IoT security
  • · IoT network protocols and related security issues
  • · Cybersecurity and applications for smart grid and smart meters (energy sector)
  • · Cybersecurity and applications for vehicles (Automotive)
  • · Smart Cities and Smart Home
Quantum Cryptography
  • · Quantum cryptography methods and protocols
  • · Analysis and tests using quantum cryptography methods
  • · Experimental applications with quantum cryptography

The research follows the framework described in the figure below, where three steps define our approach:

  • 1. Methods and technologies developed by Sikur
  • 2. Market demands and trends
  • 3. A scientific and technology cross-fertilization of the former.

This is a continuous process, also supported by our relationships with universities, research centres, and high-tech investors and R&D funding.

Sikur is founding member of the CHAIRE for Smart Home - Smart MOBILITY with IMREDD (Mediterranean Institute of Risk, Environment and Sustainable Development), from the University of Côte D’Azur.

Sikur´s main goal is to apply current and new products over different applications and devices in IoT cenario for smart Building, smart grids, smart cities, IoV internet of vehicles, mobile edge computing, quantum cryptography among others. These solutions will be available for demonstration to customers and global partners in the Show-Room inside the new and modern IMREDD Building in the Eco Valley region of Nice.

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