Zero Trust Access and Secure Management for Systems, Servers, VMs, Cloud, DBs, IoT, and more. To Ensure business continuity for remote workers.

Businesses evolved rapidly to a new level and adapting is mandatory. Having solutions that effectively put organizations in a secure zone while keeping the focus on their core is not easy to find. Now, imagine a solution that manages user and privileged resource access with the Zero Trust approach.

Such a solution is great, but Sikur delivers more because accessing a so sensitive information with username and password means data breach. So, Sikur deploys its passwordless authentication solution, setting the bar up and solving two problems at once: authentication and access to privileged resources.

  • Replace slow and inefficient VPN connections

  • Monitor all privileged connections and activity

  • Manage and rotate credentials, while the user has access only to resources, not to passwords

  • Eliminate the default password for IoT devices by deploying Public and Private Keys for secure and unique authentication

  • It encrypts all data traffic using Keys from the previous step

  • Only authorized users can manage systems and devices, and they must authenticate using Sikur ID, passwordless.

There is much more to say, like auditing and compliance with the existing data protection laws, like GDPR.

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The solution address a challenge that has become critical at the present time, where organizations are forced to structure remote work and safer facilities for their employees, in addition to establish new digital communication channels with customers, partners, channels and stackholders. (Fabio Fischer, Sikur CEO).

How it Works

Sikur How it Works Sikur How it Works Sikur How it Works Sikur How it Works


Sikur Identity Management

Identity Management

  • No default passwords

  • Strong authentication with Public/Private Keys

Sikur Authentication


  • Passwordless authentication

  • Privileged Access Management

Sikur Secure Storage

Secure Storage

  • Save sensitive data, securely

Sikur Secure Tunnel

Secure Tunnel

  • Eliminate VPNs, still staying safe

  • A reverse tunnel, eliminate firewall friction

Sikur Automatic configuration

Zero Touch

  • Automatic provisioning

  • Secure initial connection, using secure keys

Sikur Device Management

Device Management

  • Manage devices remotely

  • Intuitive web interface

Sikur Secure Data Collection

Secure Data Collection

  • No data in clear text

  • Business continuity

    zero-trust for remote connections

  • Authentication

    privileged access mode, passwordless

  • Credential Protection

    privileged access control

  • Zero Touch

    configuration made simple, remote and automatic

  • Business Model

    cloud or on-premises, and white label

  • Safe, from the start:

    no default passwords, automatic public/private key generation

  • Regulatory compliance

    protection with user keys

  • Scalable and manageable

    grow consistently, manage and update software versions

Why our solution is disruptive?

  • Business continuation: remote access only to resources, not to entire networks

  • It puts together zero-trust authentication and privileged access management

  • Eliminate VPNs: secure gateway with Sikur Hub

  • Isolate and eliminate credentials exposure

  • Audit and compliance: monitor user activity with video recording, stored encrypted

  • Eliminate firewall port opening friction with Sikur Hub reverse tunnel

  • Scale quickly, easily adding Hubs


Case Sikur


  • Industrial, for automation and logistics

  • Self-guided robots

  • Better control and visibility

Case Sikur

DOD Vision

  • Camera management

  • Distributed retail stores

  • Real-time images for marketing campaign management

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Safety is essential to your decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.

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