Passwordless Authentication, with private key protection for multiple scenarios and applications.

Why keeping passwords when it is possible to have a safer and straightforward user experience? In these days, typing passwords means insecurity.

Sikur ID delivers true and secure passwordless authentication. It uses industry-standard protocols while integrating it with other solutions. It also eliminates legacy authenticators, delivering frictionless SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), and improving security..

Going passwordless may seem complicated, right? Wrong. Sikur ID APIs and SDK delivers a set of advantages and reduces costs. It unifies the authentication experience, turning the user smartphone into a smartcard.

How it works

Sikur ID How it Works Sikur ID How it Works Sikur ID How it Works

Digital Security

An authentication platform, suitable for the most demanding environments. Industry-wise, adaptable for different types of systems

Identity Provider

Sign in and Sikur Up Manage identity effortless, with strong protection for user’s private keys

Smart Directory

Connect and authenticate new and existing systems User and permission control inside Apps and Systems

Auditing and Compliance

Monitoring and alerting Comply with regulations

A secure user directory for the Organization, safer than username and password. It uses a unique authentication process, making use of client’s private keys

  • Cloud/On-premises authentication
  • Layered protection against attacks
  • Single sign-on
  • SIEM Integration
  • RBAC: Role Based Access Control
  • Private Key protection
  • Cloud/on-premises and White Label
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Protected and Smart MFA to solve Phishing
  • Legacy systems protection and encryption
  • Non-repudiation


  • Eliminate passwords and shared secrets

  • Stop credentials stuffing

  • Reduce friction from password usage

  • Stop phishing, fraud, and credential reuse

  • Eliminate password reset operational costs

  • Comply with PSD2 regulatory technical standard

Use Cases

VaultOne - Global

Authentication and control
Multilayered security

SIKUR Messenger - Global

The most mature auth scheme
Proved on Bug Bounty Programs
Support a wide user base

Using Cases

Migrate and Integrate

Doubting your existing authentication provider? Easy migrate to Sikur Authenticator. Want to keep your authentication scheme and make it stronger? Sikur Authenticator App will help with it.

Second Authentication Factor

The authentication process, properly strengthened. A robust method to block phishing.

As an Identity Provider

You can use the Sikur Authenticator to authenticate legacy systems or build new authentication schemes. How about having a “Sign Up or Sign In with Sikur” in your web page or App?

Auth Framework

Don’t want to build an authentication scheme from the ground up? The Sikur Authenticator can supply credentials for your App and Systems

Transactions, guaranteed

Works as a transaction insurer, as the Blockchain concept, delivering non-repudiation

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Safety is essential to your decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.

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