SIKUR Messenger Best Private Communication

Sikur Messenger is the preferred App for organizations that needs a fully-featured secure communications suite.

Now, it has a unique and exciting new feature: Remote Wipe. Have you ever wondered how useful it would be wiping your device out in an emergency? That is an advanced feature for highly secure phones, like Sikur One. Now you have it on Sikur Messenger.

Plus, the new Sikur Messenger, with a brand-new design to enhance the user experience, now deliver a feature that we love: integration with Sikur ID passwordless authentication.

It is part of our SSO (Single Sign-on) strategy, deploying unprecedented safety with ease of use. No need to remember complex passwords and routinely changing them from time to time. Your device, associated with your biometrics, and private key, makes it a unique and secure authentication factor.

What is the best? You can also integrate Sikur ID with your legacy systems, making them truly SSO safe.

Sikur ID and Sikur Messenger with Remote Wipe. Better than ever, safe as always.


Enable the Exchange messaging (chat) between users, with all encrypted traffic.

Group chatting, manageable.

Send and receive files.

Send and receive Sikur contacts.

Send and receive audio messages.

Delete the history for a given conversation.

Forward chat messages.

Notice when receiving a forwarded chat.

Copy a single chat message.

Allow the sending of messages that the user is offline, for later retrieval.

Compatible with the operating systems Android 7 or higher version and Apple iOS 12 or higher version.

Send a voice message: tap, hold, and talk. When finished, choose to send, or delete it.

Citations: refer to a message and make your conversation clear.

Securely share content between Sikur Messenger and other Apps.

Did you send something by mistake? Now you have 30 seconds to erase it.

Set an image to chat groups.

Clickable URLs.

Forward or delete more than one chat message at once.

Notice when receiving a forwarded chat.

Start a voice or video call from the chat interface.


Encrypted voice and video calls.

Have a call history, with received, made, and lost calls.

Choose to mute, or open it to the speakerphone.

Do chat, message, or document preview while in an ongoing call.

Audio Conferencing.

Automatically reconnect when using an unstable connection or due to a network change.


Send, receive, delete and forward messages, in an e-mail format, inside a protected environment.

Mark messages as favorite or unread.

Send attached files, as part of the message.

Download attachments to the local device or cloud storage.

Set message expiration (day and time) to a one or more recipients.

Search in the message headers.

API improvements: it is under the hood, performance, and stability.

Messages and attachments separated: read it and decide when to download files.

Encrypt the same message for multiple recipients, faster.


Files and folders preview.

Identify files, by extension.

Smart upload: finishes it when in the background. If the App is forcibly closed, it resumes the upload upon reopening.

Securely upload files to Sikur Cloud, including the ones from third-party Apps and your Smartphone.

Securely share documents with Sikur users.

Have “Shared with me” folder, as a single view for files and folders shared from your Contacts.

Download files to the local Smartphone and edit with your preferred App.

Share files with third-party Apps.

Absolutely secure

Encryption is our default state. Your contents is always safe from any prying eyes.


SIKUR Messenger improves your Capex and Opex when with Public and Private Cloud models. Release your team to handle the core of your business and hand the secure communications over to us.

Software as a Service
Azure Cloud

The SaaS White Label model delivers the best cost/benefit relationship for secure communication while having its brand in the product. It is all cloud-based and no need for any managed infrastructure.

Private Cloud
Azure Cloud

Sikur Pro delivers the very same security and feature level as SaaS. It complies with regulations that demand data in a cloud infrastructure nearby - customer data in the same country, for instance. Also, it provides a separate cloud space so that the customer has no resource competition with other Sikur's clients.

Your Cloud

Sikur Premium comes as a unique project. Designed for higher loads - no different from the previous models - it delivers an on-premises secure communication platform. It is ideal for complying with regulations that recommend no cloud infrastructure at all, hosting all computational resources locally.

More about SIKUR Messenger



Sender and Receiver can be sure that is communicating with the entity with whom they wish to communicate. Trust between source and destination.



Sender and Receiver can be sure that the message received is the same as the sent one. Trust in the information authenticity, it did not suffer any change.



Sender and Receiver can be sure that is communicating with the entity with whom they wish to communicate. Trust between source and destination.



The information owner must have access to information, whenever requested. Guarantee that the information will always be at hand, for legitimate use.



Sender and Receiver can't deny, at any time, message exchanging, sending and receiving. Assurance to use information as evidence in the court of Justice.

The safest APP in the world with your brand. Check out our white label option.

The White Label process is the product customization according to the client visual identity. SIKUR Design and UX team customize the App meeting the best practices while keeping your company’s visual ID.

Why we're the
security mindset.

According to Gartner, SIKUR is a vendor that has relevant solutions to this technological space.

Sikur put its technology to the test, launching a bug bounty program. The best ethical hacking company, with the world's best hackers, tried to access sensitive information on the SIKUR Phone. They failed.