Cybersecurity products lead us to pragmatism: it must keep assets away from hackers, that's it.

Back then, Sikur had to comply with this vision when projecting the GranitePhone, a significant landmark for the Secure Smartphone business, a digital fortified device that no one could break. So, we did it. The second step was SIKURPhone, with a similar mindset, an improved user interface, and better usability. The Sikur OS pave the way as the device foundation, keeping its robustness and safety. One of the most exciting gadgets in the MWC 2018, as stated by Wired.

We use to say that there is no way to buy experience, and it feels so right at the moment we started to work on this product. Times have changed, and once again, we did put our brains to work, talked with organizations, governments, and consultants to understand which features would fit best in this product.

Straight to the point: the product concept should be a software suite with a set of secure configurations that works for any Android smartphone, providing a secure and robust layer.

Now think: how about having a smartphone with excellent hardware configuration, reliable and flexible, with Apps you need? It might also be desirable for managing devices remotely and delivering the right Apps. What about deploying secure authentication, and having an App suite that shields your data while keeping your team productive? It would be great; this is the Sikur One.

How it Works

Sikur One - How it Works

features stack

Sikur One Stack of Features - Phone

The concept changes everything; besides having a secure environment that you can easily control. Manage your endpoint Apps in the right way and having your brand on it. Apps permissions and groups will define who has the right to see and install Apps, also blocking or permitting access to third-party App Stores.

removes barriers, adding strength to endpoint management, making it cleaner and manageable.

  • MDM

    Managing is crucial to understand resources usage. Sikur MDM provides it in a simple, but efficient way
    See how many devices, what they have and how safe they are

  • OS Security Features

    Operating System certification, based on Sikur best practices and expertise
    Have a “Powered by Sikur” badge, the trusted cybersecurity provider

  • Remote Wipe

    Losing a device does not mean losing data
    A simple command wipes everything out, and you can recover it from the cloud

  • Sikur Policy and Guidelines

    Pre-configured options for safety, directly in the Operating System
    Based on several security improvements on top of AOSP (Android Open Source Program)

  • Sikur VPN

    Safely connect to public networks when needed. No worries of using that crowded café wi-fi
    Forget surveillance, trusted connections, no matter where in the world
    Privacy: an extra security layer for your network connection

  • White label

    SIKUR One delivers features that set the product apart, providing security and aggregating value for an essential asset to any organization: data. Our products (VPN, Messenger, Store) are available in White Label and Private Cloud.

    All protected by Sikur ID robust authentication scheme, guaranteeing protection to information and services in several levels (Cloud, App, and Endpoint), everything safely protected by Sikur and accessible only with the user's private key.

    Private Cloud

    Azure Cloud

    On premisses


    The growing global demand for endpoint security and secure communications, confirmed by several data leak cases, encouraged a partnership between Global IP and Multilaser, fulfilling a real need from Brazilian Companies and Government.

    Market research says that common security issues weaken the whole chain issues in many business verticals, where insecure communication tools are in use. These security issues leverage financial losses, brand exposition, infringement of data protection regulations, and penalties. Sikur One helps them to protect data and comply with regulatory requirements.

    Sikur One Stack of Features - Phone
    Sikur One Case - Global Ip
    Sikur One Case - Multilaser

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    Safety is essential to your decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.

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