The peace of mind of totally secure communication with the new SIKUR Phone.

Don’t sacrifice design for security. Meet the world's most innovative device, where safety and usability do not collide; it just lines up.

Intuitive user

A gorgeous interface that makes you feel not only safe, but comfortable while exchanging sensitive data.

Absolutely secure and
fully encrypted.

Encryption is our default state. Your contents is always safe from any prying eyes.

Hacking Proof

Hacking proof: SIKUR is continuously pushing the bar higher. Bug Bounty and ethical hacking checks are part of company operational procedures. Securing our ground is crucial.

Chats, Messages,
Documents and Calls

You do it all the time, but usually using poorly-secured channels. SIKUR Phone can stop it and give you more.

Desktop, Tablet &
Smartphone Sync

With SIKUR, you are safe on all of your corporative devices. The features you love with the best secure communication experience.


Did you notice that hardware grows powerful yearly? SIKUR writes the best software, so it takes more of any hardware, smartly. That's how we are powerful.

"One of the most exciting phones and GADGETS from Mobile World Conference 2018"

The reasons why
we are the best option.


End-to-end encryption

Sikur uses many methods to encrypt a message, including symmetric and asymmetric. Using a public RSA algorithm with a 2048 or 4096 key length has proven to be impenetrable for the next 30 years.

Keeping the user private key safe and protected from third parties, is crucial for encryption effectiveness. When having access to this key, a malicious individual can easily impersonate the legitimate user, being able to intercept, read, change and modify any private information.


Private and Exclusive Secure Communication Network

Data protection regulation is a global reality, and SIKUR products support them. Having the SIKUR Messenger in a Private Cloud setup delivers compliance together with a Secure Communication platform. Enterprise and Government ready.


Hacker proof

SIKUR is continuously pushing the bar higher. Bug Bounty and ethical hacking checks are part of company operational procedures. Securing our ground is crucial.


User Experience

You don’t need to give up your security to have design. SIKURPhone is the union of the highest technology, safety and satisfactory use experience, with the integration of specially designed hardware for the platform, which has been specially designed for you.

The best device, on top of the safest operating system.

SIKUR OS delivers the highest security level for a mobile operating system, making the SIKURPhone foundation.

Get your own secure APP Store

Have you ever imagined owning an App Store? One that your company can quickly and efficiently manage? And what about having a secure one, where your Apps can be verified and value-added with a safety layer, plus additional protection mechanisms? Sikur App Store delivers a new concept, removing barriers and adding strength to endpoint management, solely making it cleaner.

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Safety is essential to your decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.

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