Don’t sacrifice design for security

  • Multiplatform system

    Integration with Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows makes the SIKURPhone an excellent choice for secure communications

  • Open for third-party Apps

    Build your blocks. Sikur App Store let your Organization define which Apps should come into your SIKURPhone

  • Multi formats

    Don’t limit secure communication to a single line, using Sikur you can do chat, message, and collaborate

  • Secure communication

    It is our standard. Sikur suite set the shields up and you have peace of mind communicating.

the world most innovative device

Using state-of-the-art technology, our specialized team have developed a communication platform that sets new boundaries for corporate privacy and security.

You don’t need to give up your security to have design. SIKURPhone is the union of the highest technology, safety and satisfactory use experience, with the integration of specially designed hardware for the platform, which has been specially designed for you.

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the safest device for your digital wallet

get your own secure APP Store

Have you ever imagined owning an App Store? One that your company can quickly and efficiently manage? And what about having a secure one, where your Apps can be verified and value-added with a safety layer, plus additional protection mechanisms? Sikur App Store delivers a new concept, removing barriers and adding strength to endpoint management, solely making it cleaner.

Join the innovation

Endpoint management made easy by having a secure device and a secure App Store that you control.

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The App you need, on a totally secure smartphone

The Sikur Micro App Store concept changes everything, besides having a secure environment you can easily control what goes into SIKURPhone.

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Safety is essential to our decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.