Security with flexibility

Main features

  • Encrypted Chat
  • Encrypted Messages
  • Encrypted Documents
  • Encrypted Voice and Video Calls
  • Management Console
  • Intuitive user experience

Chats, E-mail, messages, calls

secure communication has no format. it should suit you, not the other way around.

  • Chat

    Send and receive instant chat and voice messages, create and group communication, safely sending files.

  • Documents

    collaborate: creating, editing, and sharing documents securely.

  • Message

    Send and receive messages (e-mail format) securely, attaching documents with non-repudiation feature.

  • Management Console

    Manage users and Sikur Devices securely, set permissions, create and revoke client keys, access and more.

  • Voice and video

    Forget about regular calls, use Sikur encrypted voice and video calls anywhere.

Cloud Security Everywhere

SIKURPlatform improves your Capex and Opex when with Public and Hybrid Cloud models. Release your team to handle the core of your business and hand the secure communications over to us.

SIKUR is more than a concept of safety. We are present on all platforms where communication is required. SIKURPlatform is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows desktop.


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