Secure corporate smartphone

Secure and certified corporate smartphone

Sikur One is a proven ultra-safe smartphone, certified for security and flexibility, aimed at corporations and governments.

The device enables secure communication and intelligent management by organizations. It also carries exclusive secure corporate communication applications.

The product is certified by Sikur engineers with cybersecurity best practices and guidelines.

When you open the box and turn on the smartphone, the device is already configured, ready for use in a simple and safe way. A common (uncertified) device is, by default, more open and easier to have its settings modified and contains Apps that can harm the system and introduce malware, opening doors for data leakage and spying.

With Sikur One, even a connection made in public networks, such as airports or restaurants, is protected.

Another unique feature of Sikur One is the possibility to remotely “clean” the smartphone in case of loss or theft, ensuring that data is safeguarded and can be recovered later via the cloud for use on another device.

Sikur One is a sophisticated and intuitive device, with focus on user security and usability.


AVB – Android Verified Boot

It controls OS updates for different partitions, protecting against attacks that try to install older and vulnerable versions of Android.

Device Encryption

If the device falls into the wrong hands, data stored locally will be safe.

App Store

It does not allow the installation of unsafe third-party stores.

Turned off Location

By default, it turns off location services, ensuring that only those allowed by the user will work.

Remote Wipe

Erases all data remotely and retrieves sensitive data encrypted in Sikur cloud.

Android 11

The latest version of Android, always up to date, enhancing security.

Restricted Bootloader

No fastboot flashing unlocking, keeping the device protected.

Settings: Network

To strengthen the system, some default network settings have been modified to improve security.

Sikur VPN

Built on top of the customer’s private network, adding an extra layer of security.

Unnecessary Apps Removed

It keeps the device light and secure, with only the apps the company needs.

Ready for MDM

Add Sikur One to MDM (Mobile Device Management), making it even more secure and manageable.

Sikur Messenger

It includes a secure communication App and all the digital security technology that involves the product.

Privacy by design

All Sikur solutions are designed based on international data protection and privacy standards (such as GDPR and LGPD), which guarantees organizations and governments the avoidance of fines and a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Privacy and Data Protection.
  • Audit.
  • Data processing.
  • Data Loss Prevention – DLP.
  • Secure Managed File Transfer
  • Cybersecurity best practices.
  • Authenticity and Identity Management.

More than a technological solution, we are a strategic decision for organizations.

Our mission is to redefine the relationship between enterprises and cyber-security and the user experience in the process of authentication and access to technology assets.