About the Privacy Policy
Secure Communications is our business, and customer privacy is taken very seriously by us. The core of our products was designed, from the very beginning, having security, usability, and mobility as its main pillars. So, we are deeply committed to keeping user data safe from any unauthorized access and prying eyes.
SIKUR Messenger and SIKURPhone offer many features, like messaging, chat, and voice calls (just to name a few), and this Privacy Policy has as a goal to make clear how information is stored and used.

Information Collected
As a paid software, all collected information is protected by a contract, and Sikur never shares user data with any third party. For compliance purposes, Sikur collects and stores user metadata information, protecting it on a secure sandbox, which can be used only by legal authorities with the appropriated requirements to obtain it.
Sikur has no access to any of its user’s communication contents, like chat, messaging, or voice calls, meaning that no back door or master key is available to extract user data.

Information Stored
Currently, and by design, Sikur Enterprise keeps on its servers – properly encrypted by user private key – messages, chat (temporarily), and files/documents, and such information is not available to any third party by any means. User personal information is always stored encrypted and accessible only by its owner with the user of a private key. Metadata is also encrypted but can be opened exclusively with a specific subpoena from local authorities for a very specific purpose.

Social Media and Information Sharing
Sikur does not share any user information on Social Media or any other public communication channel. PR (Public Relations) and Marketing actions with Sikur users or partners only occur after a written and formal authorization.
A Sikur user, to start communicating with other users of the platform, must exchange invitation, unless when created in the same group. So, e-mail addresses, names, and profile photos will be available only after invitation acceptance.

Cookies and Other Technologies
Sikur does not use cookies or any other similar technologies to collect and share user data.

Chat History, Location and Call History
Those are solely accessible by the user, from the use of its private key, and Sikur does not collect or share such information.

Contact Us
If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact us at help@sikur.com