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we’ve learnt

There are moments when we stop to see what we are doing and step back to appreciate the progress that we have made.

Looking back at Sikur’s history has helped us to understand our journey. We would like to share this with you.

When we started, our goal was to provide a solution to a growing need: secure communications. The marketplace lacked reliable technological solutions.

We launched the GranitePhone, secure hardware that guaranteed safe communication. We were globally recognized, but as time passed we realized that it was not only about the solution, but also the platform. We delivered relevance, integrity and confidence.

We helped transform businesses and our secure channels safeguarded confidential, strategic decisions. Deals, transactions, mergers and acquisitions. We were part of it all.

We also realized that people need more than just security. They need proficiency and convergence. With this we learnt another lesson. It does not matter what you do, every single day you will be challenged to reinvent your business.

Reinventing the business, for us - who always strive for more than simply making products and services - means creating something easy to understand and use. It should be enjoyable, desirable, and rewarding. We no longer view security as a USP. We see it as the fundamental and basic premise of our business.

The creation of GranitePhone brought us a wealth of knowledge on how to develop secure hardware products. This experience would need to be expanded. We have created a product with an incredible user experience. It’s elegant and has the ability to take the security present in it to any other device. SikurOS, the heart of SIKURPhone, is constantly evolving. It is designed to be flexible and globally scalable. A safe and portable operating system ready to deliver an extra layer of security for apps running from it.

But we want more. After all, so do you.
We are people, just like you.

More than safety, we had to deliver relevant, incredible experiences. We had to play a leading role in dominating the safe solutions market, but to do that we needed more than our app.

SikurOS's development strategy allows the operating system to be ported to other compatible hardware. This has moved us from producers of a secure communications application to flexible and secure solution integrators available on a wide variety of hardware. We've turned our solution's functionality into stand-alone applications and security has gone from being an app to something much bigger. It has become a way of thinking, acting and creating solutions for any market need in any industry. Governments, banks, wallets, payment hubs, authentication systems, transactional platforms, corporations.
Security has become a mindset, a calling.

Today, even with the best and safest technology, we still have even more ambitious plans. In addition to being the first truly secure smartphone, we want to be your only smartphone.

We learnt that security should not be restricted to our applications. We learnt that we can contribute much more to the world by providing a solid foundation for other products to take advantage of this carefully designed and safe ecosystem.

Sikur today is a mindset. It’s a way of thinking about security. We have an operating system capable of delivering end-to-end, reliable and trustworthy security. We've created a way to deliver security in any application - banking, stocks, news, cryptocurrency, wallets, email and even WhatsApp. We can incorporate widely available apps if they meet Sikur’s criteria. We are the security that you need in your communications, whatever they may be.

Our history has taught us many valuable lessons.

What have we learnt?
To meet market needs, we need to understand people. Understanding secure communication is a part of this process, which is a rewarding experience. It is a global and scalable integration and a need to surpass limits every day.

Being pioneers brings huge responsibility.

To learn, after being on the road for some time, means that we also start to teach. We are teaching the market and contributing to the tech community.

Now you know that secure communication has a name, a mindset.

Welcome to Sikur.
The Security Mindset.


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Milla Arroway
11 Oct

Hello, Stumpf! Have you heard of SikurPhone? I’ve been using it for a week and I’m already impressed with the number of great features and usability. I remembered that you were looking for a more secure option for your business.

Hello, Milla! Thanks for your message. To be honest, I had not heard of it. I also found out that it can safely store my Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Due to integration of secure software and hardware, it looks safer than any other product. Very appealing. Can you give me a call?

Milla Arroway


Safety is essential to our decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.

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