The New Security Mindset.

Innovation is a mindset. Sikur is pursuing and applying innovation on its products has been a while. Scaling it to a different type of devices is a mission for us. Solving problems and thinking about its root causes is mandatory. We are doing the foundation. The remainder comes on its top.

For telcos

Digital Transformation is a big challenge for several industries, and Sikur Trading Station can support telcos to address it.

For business

Secrecy, security and confidentialy are essential for any business. SIKURPhone guarantees safe, easy and intelligent communication.

For government

Every day your work involves strategic decisions. You can only make decisions with the right information, from the right people. Protect the boundaries of your communication with SIKURPhone.


We are more than a fully secure platform or an unbreakable smartphone. we are a security mindset.

SIKUR today is a security mindset. It is a new way of thinking about security. We are a platform capable of delivering end-to-end, reliable and trustworthy protection. We have created a way to provide total security on any application, be it banking, stocks, news, cryptocurrency, wallets or email. Now, even WhatsApp runs on SikurOS. We can incorporate widely available apps if they meet SIKUR’s security criteria. We are the security that your communications need.

powerful. intuitive. secure.

the new secure mindset.


we are the foundation of the secure communication.

our minds have been busy with

— Industrial IoT

— mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale)

— Secure Trading

— Secure Tracking

— Secure Wearables


Choose security for your data.

An innovative device, conceived for data protection from the ground up, closing the doors for the most exploited security vectors and known issues. On its foundation, the SikurOS does not demand the hassles of VPN links since the connections have several security layers by default. The Sikur App Store (in 2019) will make it even more complete, adding the possibility of having more Apps with enhanced security. Fully integrated, with safety, excellent user experience and design in perfect harmony. That's the SIKURPhone.


The most flexible way to communicate, anywhere.

Portability with the best user experience. Everything you need for the best experience in secure communication. Get to know the new SIKURPlatform.

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Safety is essential to our decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.