Here the passwordless future is already a reality!

Meet Sikur’s phishing and malware-resistant strategy.
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Here the passwordless future is already a reality!

We ensure secure communication between people (H2H), between machines (M2M), and between people and machines (H2M).

End-to-end encryption

  • User
  • Cloud/Data Center
  • Applications
  • Devices

“Sikur is a supplier that has solutions that are relevant to the technology landscape.”

“One of the most exciting phones and devices at MWC 2018.”

“Zero Trust is the guiding principle of Sikur’s latest security-focused smartphone.”

“Sikur put its technology to the test by launching a bug bounty program. The best ethical hacking company – with the best hackers in the world – tried to access sensitive information on the Sikur phone. They failed.”

“Sikur One could be the most secure smartphone for your business right now.”

More than a technological solution, we are a strategic decision for organizations.

Our mission is to redefine the relationship between enterprises and cyber-security and the user experience in the process of authentication and access to technology assets.

We solved

Data breaches


With an integrated solution we protect the end-to-end communication chain to prevent breach of confidential information, hacker invasions, and attacks on the strategic infrastructure of our partners and customers.

Financial losses


Our preventive action avoids the disbursement of large amounts for damages, extortion threats, data ransom, and regulatory market fines.

Impact on productivity

Impact on

By delivering unique access management features such as simplified creation and monitoring of credentials and users, we help organizations optimize their operations, reducing time with help desks, network infrastructure maintenance, service unavailability, and dropped connections.



Our authentication solution eliminates the use of passwords, ensuring secure access, non-repudiation, and access traceability through full user identification and delimitation of accessible assets.

Intrusion in IoT devices

Intrusion in
IoT devices

We audit and diagnose IoT device security by identifying vulnerabilities and installing protection agents for remote access. The goal is to prevent hackers from taking control of critical operations.

Regulatory market


Regulatory fines from the cyber-security market can compromise a significant portion of a company’s total revenue. We implement secure communication solutions in compliance with global data protection standards (such as GDPR and LGPD) and companies’ digital security policies.

Reputational damage


Data breaches compromises the relationship of organizations not only with their stakeholders, but also with the entire market. Implementing our secure communication solution can prevent irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation.

Interruption of operations

Interruption of

With preventive action, we anticipate risks of ransomware attacks, preventing attackers from taking control of industrial operations.

How we do it

At Sikur, we believe that implementation and access management should not be complex operations. With innovative integrated solutions, we simplify authentication and communication processes for both IT and users, saving time and money.

Critical Asset Management

Based on the most modern concepts of Zero Trust architecture, we change the way organizations manage their Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control System (ICS) critical assets. The Zero Trust concept assumes no trust in networks, devices or users, requiring constant, real-time authentication of network components, whether users, systems, equipment and devices.

In a modern environment that increasingly requires the integration of systems, equipment and connected devices, an attack on an OT network or ICS device can be initiated by an exploited vulnerability in an IT system. The centralized and integrated management of these critical assets mitigates the potential risk of a hacker attack.

Solution based on security best practices and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 2016), the US Government’s IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act (2020) and the UK Government’s Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security (2021).

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Critical Asset Management

Secure Communication

Secure Communication

Based on the most modern security concepts and practices, we have the most complete Secure Communication Platform for information exchange in private and public organizations.

It has encryption at the source, guaranteeing the security of the information in transit and at rest.

Unlike military-use tools, access is simplified and provides the user with a user-friendly experience when exchanging messages, chatting, making video calls, voice calls, and storing and sharing documents.

Our Platform has a design that ensures low complexity in implementation and user onboarding, with a focus on prevention and information preservation.

The Platform is composed of the Sikur Messenger application and/or a smartphone (composed of a set of software, policies and security guidelines), factory certified by Sikur engineers, observing the most modern security guidelines. Unlike an ordinary device that by default is open and easy to have its settings modified, which can allow the introduction of malicious artifacts, opening the door to data leakage and espionage, Sikur One comes prepared to mitigate these threats.

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Passwordless Authentication And Source Encryption

Passwordless Authentication And Source Encryption
This is an SDK that contains a set of APIs for implementing passwordless authentication and encryption in mobile and web applications. It eliminates the use of passwords on proprietary systems and thus prevents phishing and malware fraud.

It enables integration without complexity (avoiding failures during the process) and implementation of encryption to protect data in legacy systems: data is encrypted before it even leaves the device, making it unreadable to third parties.

With Sikur ID SDK it is possible to prevent the main cyber security problems: credential theft breaches and data leakage. Consequently, the solution avoids reputational damage, penalties and fines.

Based on security best practices and compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 2016).

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Passwordless Authentication And Source Encryption

By 2025 Cybercrime will cost the world annually