We are more than a fully secure platform or smartphone;
We're the
security mindset.

Innovation is a mindset. Sikur is pursuing, and applying innovation on its products has been a while. Scaling it to a different type of device is a mission for us. Solving problems and thinking about its root causes is mandatory. We are doing the foundation. The remainder comes on its top.

We are more than a fully secure platform or smartphone; we are the security mindset.

SIKUR today is the security mindset. It is a new way of thinking about security. We are a platform that delivers end-to-end, reliable, and trustworthy protection. We did create a way to secure any application, be it banking, stocks, news, cryptocurrency, wallets, messages, and more. Android Apps runs on top of SikurOS, and the majority of these Apps - meeting Sikur's safety criteria - may run on SIKUR Phone. We are the security that your communication needs.


our minds have been busy with

  • Internet of Things
  • Communication
  • Third party Apps
  • Digital Transactions
  • Data Protection Regulation

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Safety is essential to your decision making. We are sure that our team can clarify any doubts. After all, we understand security.


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